Why Smart Drinks and Nutrition®?

Embark on a journey with Smart Drinks® where more than two decades of industry mastery have converged into an unrivaled fusion of Smoothie and Nutrition excellence. With a robust foundation built on experience, we've seamlessly woven these two sectors into a unique and lucrative offering that defines a new standard.

For over twenty-two years, we've meticulously curated the art of crafting impeccable fruit smoothies, blended coffees, and soothing teas. Our commitment to exceeding expectations extends beyond taste - it's a dedication to the finer details that transform patrons into loyal enthusiasts.

As we unveil the curtain to our seasoned franchise partners, we're sharing the intricacies that have propelled Smart Drinks® to a league of its own. The knowledge and expertise cultivated over these years are now yours to command, empowering you to replicate the outstanding experiences that have become synonymous with our brand. Get ready to elevate your entrepreneurial journey by choosing to invest in a smoothie franchise with Smart Drinks® — where excellence is not just embraced, but perfected. Welcome to a realm where every sip is a testament to our legacy!


Brand Recognition

For more than two decades, the emblem of Smart Drinks® has been synonymous with the epitome of freshness and flavor in fruit smoothies across Texas and Florida. Whether gracing NRG stadium during diverse events, participating in local fun runs, supporting community fundraisers, or holding court in our state-of-the-art mobile units, Smart Drinks® has become a Texas and Florida go-to for the finest smoothie, gourmet coffee and tea experience. Our iconic logo and trademark stand as a beacon of excellence, reflecting the numerous 5-star reviews earned by consistently delivering nothing short of the best.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence guarantees patrons not just a smoothie but an unparalleled blend of freshness and health. From gourmet blended coffee to real hot chocolate crafted with their choice of milk, as well as many flavors of hot/cold teas, we offer an array of options. Catering to diverse needs, we provide sugar and lactose-free choices, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity. Behind the counter, a knowledgeable and friendly staff extends genuine care, fostering an environment that embraces a wide spectrum of individuals, from fitness enthusiasts to expectant mothers and their little ones. To complement our offerings, we proudly showcase a selection of top nutritional supplement brands and are honored to partner with Bluebonnet Nutrition.

What sets Smart Drinks® apart is the rejection of impersonal experiences. No powders, syrups, concentrates, or pre-mixtures with just a hint of fruit find their way into our creations. Instead, we prioritize authenticity, utilizing real ingredients for an unparalleled taste. Our supplements by Bluebonnet Nutrition are meticulously curated, devoid of fillers and synthetic vitamins, ensuring our customers receive only the finest quality. At Smart Drinks®, we believe in empowering our customers with choices, ensuring their options are as limitless as their cravings.


Proven Operating

In the dynamic world of Smoothie & Nutrition, Smart Drinks® boasts over two decades of hands-on expertise, deciphering the secret sauce of success. We've marinated in the industry long enough to not just understand but master what works and what doesn't. It's this wealth of experience that has empowered us to seamlessly weave the realms of Smoothie and Nutrition into a flourishing and delightful enterprise.

Here at Smart Drinks®, we've turned these years into a laboratory of innovation, refining our systems to guarantee nothing short of a stellar customer experience. Imagine fruit smoothies, blended coffees, and teas crafted to perfection, each sip a testament to our dedication to satisfying the cravings of our loyal clientele.

We've learned that it's the subtle nuances that create addiction, and guess what? We're spilling the beans to our franchisees. Come join us, dive into a thriving business where every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of a memorable and successful customer journey. This is not just a business; it's a flavorful adventure waiting for you!


Comprehensive Training

Welcome to the Smart Drinks® family, where we don't just hand you the keys to success – we hand you the entire toolbox! We get it; a thriving franchise needs more than dreams; it needs tools and guidance. That's why we've poured substantial resources into crafting an illustrated operations manual that's not just detailed, but your ultimate secret weapon.

Picture this: a manual brimming with scripts, training procedures, and marketing magic. This isn't just a guide; it's your backstage pass to success. With this power-packed manual at your fingertips, you're not just in business; you're armed with the insights and know-how to rock it.

But that's not all. As you embark on this exciting journey, your training isn't a separate entity; it's seamlessly woven into the construction and setup of your trendy mobile unit. Our seasoned Smart Drinks® squad will be your partners in crime, from the vibrant heart of our corporate headquarters in Houston to virtual wizardry and hands-on support right in your area. We're not just handing you a business; we're building it with you, side by side.

Our mission? To gift you not just the knowledge but the confidence to launch a business that's not only easy to run but destined for the stars. Get ready for a training experience that's as thrilling as the success it's setting you up for!


Marketing Support

Unlocking success in the realm of marketing demands more than just a strategy; it requires a symphony of initiatives. At Smart Drinks®, we've mastered the art of a comprehensive approach that doesn't just build customer bases; it creates legacies.

First things first, we lay the groundwork by immersing franchisees and their teams in the Smart Drinks® customer experience. It's the secret sauce to a strong customer foundation. But it doesn't stop there. Enter the game- changing SMART Rewards program, turning customers into loyal enthusiasts. With this, franchisees orchestrate targeted events and promotions that make waves. Armed with collateral materials, our franchisees become maestros in showcasing their offerings, be it in face-to-face interactions or the rhythm of email marketing and social media campaigns.

For our Mobile units, we've set the stage with brand amplification programs, ensuring they shine brightly in local event marketing. And because convenience is key, we've partnered with local food delivery services, putting Smart Drinks® within easy reach for every customer.

Enter the SMART App, our tech-savvy virtuoso enhancing the customer experience. It lets them find, order, and pay for their drinks on the fly. We're not just embracing technology; we're waltzing with it, actively engaging with the marketplace to boost visibility and stay on the radar of both new and existing customers.

Now, when it comes to the virtual stage, Smart Drinks® boasts a stellar reputation on social media giants like YELP®, Google®, and Facebook®. And here's the best part—we're not keeping it to ourselves. We're sharing that reputation with our franchisees, adding layers to their credibility and magnetically pulling in customers. Get ready to not just market but create a symphony of success with Smart Drinks®.


Experienced Leadership

Meet the powerhouse behind Smart Drinks®, our CEO and Founder, Charles Levinson—a maestro in sales management and financial wizardry, steering our ship towards triumph. With over 18 years in the automotive sales arena and a stint running his own automobile conversion company, Charles didn't just dream of success; he turned it into a reality by blending family values with his expertise to birth the sensation that is Smart Drinks® in Houston, TX.

From the get-go in 2002, Charles showcased his management prowess by not only hitting a home run with 15 concessions inside Reliant Stadium and Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion but also by orchestrating the success of our flagship store and mobile units. But here's what sets Charles apart—he's not a solo act.

Recognizing that the best tunes are composed collaboratively, Charles actively invites franchisee input, turning their ideas into the harmonies that define our success.

To bolster this vision, Charles has crafted a powerhouse franchise support team, a squad dedicated to building relationships and providing unwavering support within our system. Through this dynamic approach, Charles ensures that Smart Drinks® isn't just a brand; it's a living, breathing force of innovation, firmly rooted in strong foundations. Get ready to be led by a visionary; get ready for Smart Drinks®!


Site Selection Assistance

Now, let's talk about the Smart Drinks Mobile Units; it's not just about hitting the road; it's about crafting a route that's a sales bonanza. We're not leaving this to chance. Nope. We're in cahoots with our franchisees, sculpting and fine-tuning routes that aren't just good; they're profit-making machines, as well as supplementing the routes with local events that builds relationships for repeat business and increasing sales. It's not a one-and-done deal; it's a continuous dance of evaluation and adjustment, ensuring that every twist and turn maximizes success and fuels steady growth.

Why all this fuss about spots and routes? Because we're not just putting Smart Drinks® on the map; we're making it the go-to oasis. With mobile units cruising through the sweet spots, we're not just meeting but exceeding the cravings and preferences of our cherished customers. Get ready for a Smart Drinks® experience that's not just about the drink; it's about the spot, the route, the events and the undeniable taste of success!


Modern Mobile Unit Design

Welcome to Smart Drinks®, where we've crafted our mobile unit to radiate a vibrant atmosphere for our valued customers. Through collaboration with top designers and engineers, we've brought to life visually stunning and easily maintained environments that invite customers into a world of modern charm.

Behind the counter, our dedicated team serves up delectable real fruit smoothies, gourmet coffees, and teas, all within the backdrop of a meticulously designed and efficiently operated mobile unit.

Our entire menu is seamlessly integrated on the side of the mobile unit, offering clear and dynamic communication of our diverse offerings. Every detail is meticulously crafted to captivate our customers and align seamlessly with the overarching brand image of Smart Drinks. Step up and indulge in more than just a drink; it's an immersive experience!