• Voted #1 in the industry
  • High profit margin
  • Turnkey business model
  • Extensive Training & Support

Years in business

$ 246,427

Single Corporate Unit Revenue


Average profit

5/5 Rating by our franchisees

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  • Top of the line equipment
  • Mobile app for easy ordering
  • Voted #1 in the industry
  • Turnkey business model
  • Extensive training and support

4.9 / 5 stars

I chose this direction because I was hoping for a career that would change my life and Smart Drinks has definitely given me that opportunity.


4.9 / 5 stars

“The concept definitely works, I was profitable the very first day. Our van’s design is attractive, it catches peoples’ attention and it promotes your business as well as our app which boosts our sales.”


4.9 / 5 stars

“I’ve been a Smart Drinks owner for the last 2 years. If you’re looking for a challenging, but rewarding franchise experience with some awesome income potential, you’ve found it right here at Smart Drinks.


4.9 / 5 stars

“After conducting a through due diligence…I’m genuinely convinced that Smart Drinks stands as the best option and provides the best value for your investment. I strongly encourage you to explore this opportunity”


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Embarking on the thrilling journey of entrepreneurship with a Smart Drinks® smoothie franchise unleashes a world of exhilarating possibilities, including flexible hours, a one-person operation, high profit margins, and easy financing. Brace yourself for an adventure in a dynamic market exploding with potential!

The global smoothie market is gearing up for an astounding 6.98% compound annual growth rate by 2024, creating a promising landscape for unparalleled success. But that's not all – the global food truck phenomenon, valued at $17.9 Billion in 2021, is hurtling towards a staggering $26.3 Billion by 2027. This surge signifies the escalating craze for mobile culinary experiences, making it the perfect time to dive into the Smart Drinks and Nutrition® wave.

Hold onto your excitement because the global dietary supplements market is on a meteoric rise, catapulting from $68.2 billion in 2023 to an astronomical $163.6 Billion by 2027. These mind-blowing figures underscore an insatiable appetite for health-focused products, and Smart Drinks® is poised to conquer this demand.

Seize the moment! Entrepreneurs, by leveraging these unstoppable trends, can present customers with Smart Drinks and Nutrition®, an avant-garde and health-conscious twist to mobile smoothies. Imagine delivering top-notch, nutrient-packed smoothies crafted from the freshest ingredients, enhanced with dietary supplements – the epitome of innovation!

In the dynamic blend of expanding markets and shifting consumer preferences, the Smart Drinks® mobile smoothie truck doesn't just represent a business opportunity. It stands out as an innovative and highly lucrative venture for entrepreneurs willing to take risks. Get prepared to ride the wave of success and reshape the future of mobile smoothies!

  • Very Profitable – the franchise offers great profit margins, making it a smart choice for entrepreneurs who want to make good money.
  • Quick and Easy Setup – start and end your day with super quick set ups. 20 min to set up, and just plug in the van in the evening and you are done for the day!
  • One-on-One Training – dedicated in-person training in YOUR truck so you get comfortable with your day-to-day routine. We stay until you are ready to roll on your own!
  • Great Concept – we created the first-ever smoothie truck concept! It has been working like a charm for over 20 years!
  • 22+ Years of Experience - our team is made up of experts who not only give you the blueprint-but also help you execute on it
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